Riders on the Storm

The Jewel of Yavin - Session 11
  • The group decides to honour their deal with Jabba and deliver the full 120,000 credits obtained at the Oridelve mine to the Hutt. They give the dead gunrunner’s freighter to the ugnaught slaves and take the surviving miners back to Jabba’s palace on Tatooine. Jabba is not pleased at the events that unfolded at his mine and even less impressed at the apparent “escape” of his slaves. The group counts themselves lucky when the Hutt decides to keep their cut of the profits as payment and make their exit from Tatooine at the first opportunity.
  • Two months pass, with the PCs laying low for the most part, until their old friends Reom and Shira get in touch, pointing them to a new job in the Bespin system, on Cloud City. The group is to meet with Aris Shen, daughter of Arend Shen, the Pantoran who purchased Mal’s ship the Lone Wolf several months ago.
  • The group finds Aris Shen in Cloud City’s Market Row – a seven-kilometre long bazaar in the seedy and disreputable Port Town. When they meet Aris she is on the run from several burly thugs – men they later find out to have been sent by her husband, a notorious casino mogul and gangster named Vorse Tabarith, to keep tabs on her. Aris tells the group to meet her later at an apartment on level 50 of the Tourist District. There they meet in private with Aris and her father, Arend. Small talk and banter ensues, and when everyone is comfortable, Arend Shen finally makes his proposal:

“A few days from now,” says Arend, “a valuable gemstone will be auctioned here on Cloud City. The gem is known as the Jewel of Yavin and has a reputation for being unstealable. The plan is this: infiltrate the gala and manipulate the bidders to raise the bid. We want the jewel to sell for as much as possible for maximum return when we slice into the central computer network and redirect the auction credits to our own accounts. The gala and gem are being held at the Figg & Associates Art Museum, which isn’t designed to protect an object that valuable, making this the best chance to nab it. You heard me right; we’re going to steal the gem twice.”

Session 11 XP

Debts to Pay - Session 10
  • The crew continues exploring the mining base, and discovers a ragged group of miners and droids gathered before the mine tunnel entrance. The leader of the group, a burly man named Marv Moray, accompanied by a EV-series supervisor droid – EV-8D3, claims the mine was attacked by pirates who, after blasting their way through the base, made their way into the mine proper to retrieve stores of uridium.
  • Meanwhile, two of the crew discover the ruined shield generator outside and determine it was destroyed by blaster fire. They track down an old Storm IV cloud car on its way to another one of the generators and manage to take it down before it reaches its mark. They take the cloud car’s pilot, a small reconnaissance droid, for later questioning.
  • The group in the mine venture into the tunnel to take on the pirates. Several kilometers into the mine they come upon not a band of marauders but a small and injured group of ugnaughts and droids. The ugnaughts claim to be slaves who finally had enough of Marv EV-8D3’s cruel ministrations. An incident earlier in the day led to violence, and both paid miners and ugnaughts paid with their lives. The surviving ugnaughts escaped into the mine, but fear Marv and his gang will trap them here to die.
  • The crew decides to help the ugnaughts and leads a full on assault against Marv, EV-8D3, and the mining crew. A frantic blaster fight ensues in the mining base involving our crew, Marv and his miners, and EV-8D3 and several binary load lifter droids. The PCs win the fight, but the base itself suffers considerable damage as a result of all the blaster fire. The group ushers the ugnaughts on the empty freighter resting on landing bay B and their own ship and leave the uridium mine. As they leave Gavos’ atmosphere, the group discusses what to do with the 120,000 credits absconded from the mining office and the surviving ugnaughts.

Session 10 Gear
Session 10 XP

Debts to Pay - Session 9

A couple of months pass. The crew does several low-risk jobs for IsoTech but lay low for the most part; nervous about Imperial scrutiny after the events on Cholganna and Raxus Prime.

While vacationing on Tatooine, our crew accepts a job from the infamous Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Jabba owns an oridium mine on the planet Gavos, but hasn’t received his monthly payment of 100,000-odd credits and has had no communication from staff. For a 10% cut of the mine’s profits, the crew is to travel to Gavos, investigate the lack of communication, take a record of the mine’s operations, and deliver the monthly payment to Jabba.

Once they arrive at the mine, they discover the facility apparently abandoned. Evidence suggests some sort of attack; several bodies are discovered (human, ugnaught, and trandoshan), and camera footage of an undocumented freighter (still present at landing pad B) arriving several hours before themselves. As the group is gathering information in the mine office, an automated warning blares over the PA announcing the compromise of one of the eight storm barrier generators keeping Gavos’ deadly atmosphere at bay around the facility.

Session 9 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 8
  • Our motley crew spends a couple of days at Scrapheap Point, resting in the derelict CR90 Corvette – the Blockade Bandit – and receiving medical care from Cratala where necessary. The PCs pick up some new gear from the surprisingly well-stocked IsoTech stores, and several members nearly run afoul of an Imperial probe droid while running errands for Norta in surrounding junkyards.
  • Three days after arriving at Scrapheap Point, the base is attacked by the remnants of the Yiyar clan disguised as jawas. The sizable group of rodians and sullustans create quite an explosive scene at the Point, and within 10 minutes of the attack an Imperial patrol arrives to put down the disturbance. The PCs discover that Reom was at the Point all along, recuperating in secret rooms on the corvette from wounds sustained on the Wheel. With the Imperial intrusion, Reom decides that the jig is up on yet another IsoTech base, and informs the group that the Corellian corvette is, hypothetically, space-worthy.
  • The PCs, along with IsoTech personnel, frantically try to get the corvette operational – blasting heavier debris away from the hull, and welding compromised bulkheads, and jury-rigging barely functional sublight engines. The Blockade Bandit breaks free from its crypt at Scrapheap Point with a horrendous cacophany of metal on metal. With TIE fighers and an Imperial IPV-1 patrol craft in hot pursuit, the corvette struggles into orbit and finally makes the jump to hyperspace. The PCs avoid capture once again, and square-up with Reom at one of the few remaining IsoTech bases – a massive, near derelict bulk freighter in deep space.

Session 8 Gear
Session 8 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 7
  • Jury-rigged repairs are carried out on the Nightflyer, the Yiyar clan’s YT-2400, over a period of a week. The customized ship proves a step up from the Lone Wolf. After discussions with Captain Harsol and Cratala, the PCs decide to claim the Nightflyer as their own and travel to Raxus Prime to collect their reward. Cratala travels with the PCs, along with as much of her equipment and supplies as they can fit on the Nightflyer, to prove the group’s success. Captain Harsol, Rorworr, and Jakk decide to take the Lone Wolf and transport any survivors who want to get off Cholganna to Mon Calamari, an Outer Rim planet in open rebellion against the Empire and likely Harsol’s best chance at continued avoidance of Imperial scrutiny.
  • The rest of the group arrives at the junk-planet Raxus Prime to find the place has become a thriving Imperial ship-yard. Masterful astrogation by Daevd keeps the group far away from the shipyards on arrival, but issues with the landing codes provided by IsoTech invite scrutiny regardless. The group ignores commands to allow their ship to be boarded, and finds itself in a wild chase with a wing of six TIE/LN fighters. The Nightflyer beelines for the atmosphere and manages to lose (or destroy) the TIE fighters in the narrow and treacherous canyons of junk and toxic gasclouds on the planet’s surface.
  • Confident they have eluded the Imperials, the group finally makes the redezvous at Scrapheap point, a nondescript mountain of junk in the cove of a toxic lake. IsoTech workers obscure the Nightflyer behind screens of debris and usher the PCs into what appears to be a wrecked Corellian CR90 Corvette. They are met not by Reom or Shira, but a Rodian named Norta. Norta expresses shock that there were actual survivors on Cholganna, and congratulates the group on their success. He apologizes for Reom’s absence, claiming the twi’lek faced complications on the Wheel but will be arriving soon, and shows good faith by paying the PCs an advance of 2000 credits. He shows the group around IsoTech’s secret base on Raxus Prime (at least the areas open to visitors), and suggests the group take a load off and relax while they wait for Reom.

Session 7 XP
Session 7 Gear

Beyond the Rim - Session 6
  • A frantic speeder chase through the dense Cholganna jungle ends at the lakeside clearing near the main hull of the Sa Nalaor wreck. The Imperial Skywatcher-class scout ship rests just beyond the group’s YT-2000 and Yiyar’s Nightflyer, a YT-2400. Several scout troopers linger outside of The Lone Wolf, still trying to get past the ship’s security system.
  • Initial attempts to negotiate with the remaining scout troopers go awry when Jaggis crashes his speeder at full throttle into the Imperial ship, leaping atop the ship at the moment before impact. A full-on battle ensues, with several PCs on the ground attempting to take over the Nightglyer; others in the Lone Wolf engaging in a low-altitude dogfight with the Imperial Deep Dark. The Imperial ship eventually goes down in flames; Jaggis deftly leaps to safety in the nearby lake, thanking his Gungan luck.
  • Following the battle, the group, along with Captain Harsol, rounds up the few remaining scout troopers and begins to discuss next steps.

Session 6 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 5
  • The group foils a Yiyar plot to steal Captain Harsol’s footlocker with the help of one of the Trandoshan survivors. Yav Yiyar is killed by Harsol during the attempted robbery, and the rest of the Yiyar clan are rounded up and placed in shackles.
  • The group spends the following day being shown around the Retreat, meeting with Cratala in her cybernetics and medical lab, and being introduced to several survivors. Liam helps the Rybet mechanic with repairs on the Retreat’s aging backup generator.
  • Late in the afternoon, the Retreat is bombarded by the sound of a ship’s ion drive. The ground shakes as an Imperial Skywatcher-class scout ship speeds overhead, towards the Sa Nalaor wreck. Several Arak-class probe droids drop from the ship as it flies over the Retreat. The group blasts most of the droids out of the sky, and attempts to slow the main ship by sending an all-clear report from a hacked droid. Nonetheless, within 5-10 minutes two lances of Imperial scout troopers led by an Imperial Security Bureau officer come screaming towards the Retreat on speeder bikes. The ISB agent, who introduces himself as Ossman, attempts to woo the survivors into surrender, claiming the Empire cares only for their well-being. Our intrepid explorers and smugglers think otherwise, and Liam initiates a fight with the Imperials when he force-throws several grenades from Harsol’s bandolier into the troopers’ midst. ISB agent Ossman is killed along with several scout troopers, and a speeder-bike chase back to the ships ensues.

Session 5 Gear
Session 5 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 4
  • The group explores the main hull section of the Sa Nalaor. They find a couple of damaged but potentially serviceable blaster rifles in a flooded droid bay, and a functional security scanner in the sensor array control room. They manage to reach the bridge tower, gaining a commanding view of the nearby jungle.
  • The gang is surprised the next morning by the arrival of the Yiyar clan, who come swooping over the landing site in a modified YT-2400. Negotiations with Yav Yiyar go poorly. Shots are fired from both sides, but the skirmish is interrupted before it descends into a full-blown firefight by the arrival of Captain Harsol.
  • Harsol, several Aqualish guards, and a half-dozen B1 battle droids arrive at the site from the river, riding atop massive salamander-like creatures. Harsol’s commanding presence shuts down the skirmish.
  • IT-3PO averts further bloodshed by stepping out of the shadows. Harsol recognizes the droid, and conversation between the two suggests the three of them were involved in some sort of plan with Shira and Reom’s father, Ropok. Intrigued by the droid’s association with the group, Harsol insists that everyone, including the Yiyar crew, come with him back to the Retreat to sort things out.
  • The Retreat lies deep in the jungle, about a half-hour by amphibious river monster. There the group finds the survivors of the Sa Nalaor eking out a difficult existence, living in the lee of a tall bluff, hidden by the jungle canopy and protected by walls and structures made from salvaged sections of the ship’s hull.
  • The PCs and the Yiyar clan are brought before most of the village for questioning in the central headquarters. There they meet Cratala, an Arkanian woman and the famous cyberneticist mentioned by Reom, if the various implants she sports are any indication. They are questioned on their association with IT-3PO, their purpose on Cholganna, and the current state of the galaxy. It becomes clear that there are divisions within the Retreat; many survivors openly challenge Harsol; others are quick to come to his defense. The PCs try to convince Harsol and Cratala that leaving the planet now is the safer option, but fear of Chancellor Palpatine (as the survivors still refer to him) runs deep, and the day ends with little progress being made. The PCs take comfort that the Yiyar clan’s attempts to sway the survivors’ opinions are met with even less enthusiasm. The crude and aggressive Rodians do little to help their case.

Session 4 Gear
Session 4 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 3
  • Despite some difficulty in accessing the wreckage, the group does manage to explore the engine section of the Sa Nalaor. They find little of any worth save for a vibroknife concealed in a locker.
  • The group is ambushed by a nexu, a fearsome four-eyed feline native to Cholganna.
  • Moving on the group flies low and follows the swath of younger jungle north, scanning for more debris. They find a large hulk at the north end of the swath. Upon landing, closer inspection reveals it to be the main hull section of the ship.
  • The group finds more entrances to the main hull section, and some long-overgrown evidence of a camp nearby, suggesting at least 20-30 crew survived the crash. Entering the main hull through an old escape pod launch tube, the group eventually comes to a t-junction leading deeper into the crashed ship.
  • At the junction, the group is set upon by three more nexu. These nexu, however, have been enhanced with cybernetics – electrified claws on one, alloy-reinforced teeth on another, and interlocking scale armour ending in a spiked club on the forked tail of the third.

Session 3 Gear
Session 3 XP

Beyond the Rim - Session 2
  • The group revives IT-3PO, and learn that the droid knew Captain Harsol of the Sa Nalaor, and that Reom and Shira thought it best that a familiar face accompany the group in the event that there are survivors. Eyetee-Three provides deck plans of the ship and indicates that it likely had 200-odd crew, half of which would have been droids, including several squads of B1 battle droids (the backbone of the Separatist droid army).
  • The group jumps directly to Cholganna from the Besh Gorgon system, and have a rough arrival directly within a nebula. They exit the nebula into a small meteor field, and finally make touchdown on the planet.
  • Scanning the heavily forested surface for hours, they discover an old escape pod (“34 Besh”), containing a holovid recording of the pod’s last moments, in which three humans and two Neimoidians curse their luck for being forced to the edge of the galaxy due to “Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme” and “Cratala’s political treachery against the Chancellor.”
  • The group survives an attack by three tree-dwelling aerial septopi before making it back to The Lone Wolf. They spend a rest period in orbit, then resume the search, finding evidence of a major crash site after another 5 hours or so of scanning from low orbit. They land their ship at the southern end of a 30km by 10km swath jungle that appears less overgrown than the nearby forest. On-foot investigation reveals what the group believes to be the engine section of a large Munificent-class frigate – possibly the Sa Nalaor.

Session 2 XP


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