Riders on the Storm

Beyond the Rim - Session 6

  • A frantic speeder chase through the dense Cholganna jungle ends at the lakeside clearing near the main hull of the Sa Nalaor wreck. The Imperial Skywatcher-class scout ship rests just beyond the group’s YT-2000 and Yiyar’s Nightflyer, a YT-2400. Several scout troopers linger outside of The Lone Wolf, still trying to get past the ship’s security system.
  • Initial attempts to negotiate with the remaining scout troopers go awry when Jaggis crashes his speeder at full throttle into the Imperial ship, leaping atop the ship at the moment before impact. A full-on battle ensues, with several PCs on the ground attempting to take over the Nightglyer; others in the Lone Wolf engaging in a low-altitude dogfight with the Imperial Deep Dark. The Imperial ship eventually goes down in flames; Jaggis deftly leaps to safety in the nearby lake, thanking his Gungan luck.
  • Following the battle, the group, along with Captain Harsol, rounds up the few remaining scout troopers and begins to discuss next steps.

Session 6 XP



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