Riders on the Storm

The Jewel of Yavin - Session 11

  • The group decides to honour their deal with Jabba and deliver the full 120,000 credits obtained at the Oridelve mine to the Hutt. They give the dead gunrunner’s freighter to the ugnaught slaves and take the surviving miners back to Jabba’s palace on Tatooine. Jabba is not pleased at the events that unfolded at his mine and even less impressed at the apparent “escape” of his slaves. The group counts themselves lucky when the Hutt decides to keep their cut of the profits as payment and make their exit from Tatooine at the first opportunity.
  • Two months pass, with the PCs laying low for the most part, until their old friends Reom and Shira get in touch, pointing them to a new job in the Bespin system, on Cloud City. The group is to meet with Aris Shen, daughter of Arend Shen, the Pantoran who purchased Mal’s ship the Lone Wolf several months ago.
  • The group finds Aris Shen in Cloud City’s Market Row – a seven-kilometre long bazaar in the seedy and disreputable Port Town. When they meet Aris she is on the run from several burly thugs – men they later find out to have been sent by her husband, a notorious casino mogul and gangster named Vorse Tabarith, to keep tabs on her. Aris tells the group to meet her later at an apartment on level 50 of the Tourist District. There they meet in private with Aris and her father, Arend. Small talk and banter ensues, and when everyone is comfortable, Arend Shen finally makes his proposal:

“A few days from now,” says Arend, “a valuable gemstone will be auctioned here on Cloud City. The gem is known as the Jewel of Yavin and has a reputation for being unstealable. The plan is this: infiltrate the gala and manipulate the bidders to raise the bid. We want the jewel to sell for as much as possible for maximum return when we slice into the central computer network and redirect the auction credits to our own accounts. The gala and gem are being held at the Figg & Associates Art Museum, which isn’t designed to protect an object that valuable, making this the best chance to nab it. You heard me right; we’re going to steal the gem twice.”

Session 11 XP



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