Riders on the Storm

Captain's Log

Captain’s Log 0:4:1 ABY

All the official and boring stuff goes in the ship’s log. This is my personal log where I can enter the really important shenanigans. I’m using a new calendar system that’s been going around and it’s centered on the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, so it’s now the Year 0 ABY.

I was born on Corellia in 37 BBY. My father Garridan Lone was a pilot in the Republic fleet and my mother Erin was a skilled technician. Pop quit the fleet a short time before the aborted galactic election of 24 BBY after the Senate allowed Chancellor Palpatine to remain in power for “as long as was needed” to defeat the Separatists. After selling our holdings except for our old ancestral home and the land it stood on, Pop bought an old freighter and he and Mom fixed it up and called it The Lone Wolf. We then migrated to the Corellian colony at Socorro in the Outer Rim and set up shop there.

It wasn’t easy making a profit in the freight business, but we got by and I got to know my way around a starship. It wasn’t long before Pop answered the “Corellian Call” to a life of smuggling. By then I’d become an able pilot, but Pop only brought Mom and me along on the “safe” runs. Pop never smuggled slaves or addictive spices, but he made a name for himself as a gunrunner up and down the Corellian Run. As I grew older, he would take me along more and more often until I was his First Mate and I sometimes went in his place to deal with his underworld contacts. I learned to speak Huttese after all those shady deals and a few important phrases in other common languages -basically stuff like “greetings”, “pay up”, “don’t shoot” or “drop your weapons”. Mom also liked to converse with me in Old Corellian because it reminded her of our old homeworld.

In 7 BBY, Pop retired from smuggling and I took over as captain of the Lone Wolf. This was about a year after the Imperials started recruiting non-clones to fight and I was fortunate enough to recruit a former clone TIE fighter pilot named Daevd to fly the Lone Wolf. You never know when his knowledge of Imperial procedures and protocols may come in handy. Mom and Pop spent the next several years running the back end of the business and happily fixing up our house in Socorro.

In 5 BBY, I met a Twi’lek named Shanarra and before we knew it we were a couple. Her family had a shady business called IsoTech and some connections of their own, mostly outlaw tech if I understood correctly. I learned to speak Twi’leki from her. It wasn’t long before we were thinking seriously of getting married, leaving our family businesses behind and going legit. By now, the Empire was really putting the squeeze on everyone, but especially on those engaging in our lines of work. We figured if we went legit and settled in one of the peaceful Core Worlds the Empire would leave us alone. We decided on Alderaan.

A week before our marriage was to take place, we placed a down payment for a small house in the countryside and fronted half the money for the wedding. Over the next few days, Shanarra’s family came over and so did Mom and Pop. Daevd and I took the Lone Wolf to Tatooine so we could sell her for a higher price than we could get in the Core Worlds. Shanarra’s brother Reom and her sister Shira would meet us there in their own ship and give us a ride back to Alderaan. I had the rest of my crew stay behind to enjoy themselves since stops on planets as beautiful as Alderaan were pretty rare.

As we flew into Tatooine, we saw another Corellian freighter hightailing out of there with two Imperial cruisers on its tail. They tried to shoot it down but it jumped into hyperspace and got away. It was while we were looking for a buyer in Mos Eisley that we heard about the destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star. That was a pretty black day for us and I’m not going to say much about it, though I do I remember being in at least a couple of drunken brawls.

The next day, our spirits were lifted when Shira and Reom showed up alive. Shira comforted me and we mourned together, but Reom seemed distant and brooding. I wonder if he blames me for any of this, but I won’t hold it against him. Everybody grieves differently. The news of the Death Star’s destruction at Yavin some time later lifted our spirits and shook us out of our despair. If the rebels could pull that off, there’s hope for the galaxy and I hope someday I’ll meet them.

I guess that’ll do for a first entry. Maybe I’ll add another one if something significant happens.

Captain’s Log 1:9:6 ABY

I usually put crew updates into the ship’s log, but today was kind of unusual. As I mentioned in the ship’s log, we now have two additional crewmembers aside from Daevd and myself. Jakk is our mechanic and a good one. We found him doing odd jobs in the Outer Rim and he seemed like a nice guy. Next guy we recruited was Falx. On the crew manifest he’s our cargo chief but he’s more like our chief of security. He’s a former stormtrooper with an axe to grind with the Empire because they left him for dead. Pretty handy with that blaster rifle of his and any enemy of the Empire is a friend of mine. Over the past year and a half we’ve gone back to plying our old smuggling routes with this new crew.

We went to Reltooine in the Corporate Sector to deliver an empty Bacta Tank in exchange for a bunch of supplies and spare parts. I hate dealing with the Corporates because they’re so greedy. This time they wouldn’t even pay in credits but at least the supplies they offered were plentiful.

Jakk also had a business meeting there with some computer savant kid with some hacks to sell who likes to go by his slicer handle Loki. Jakk and the kid were at the bottom of the boarding ramp while Falx was on the ramp itself. Daevd and I were inside the ship near the top of the ramp. Suddenly, I hear a blaster going off and turn to see a datapad with a hole in it flying out of Jakk’s hand while Loki looked surpised. I crouched and looked past them to see a man, a Wookiee and some other big alien running straight for our ship with a squad of Espos (Corporate Security Police) on their tail and blazing away. My soft spot for nonhumans and dislike for the Espos wouldn’t let me just stand by so we sprung into action.

I yelled for Daevd to man the gun turret while Falx reflexively began returning fire. As I headed for the cockpit, I saw Jakk dragging the kid up the ramp and aboard the ship. I got to the cockpit in time to see the Wookiee spin around and take down one of the Espos with a force pike. The other guy and the alien also turned around and opened fire, wounding the Espo captain and another Espo. I noticed the alien was using a stun blaster. Daevd powered up the turret while I fired up the engines and switched on the loudspeakers.

I saw the Wookiee take a couple of hits from the Espos but he wouldn’t go down and instead took down two Espos with a sweep of his weapon while his friends fired and missed. An enraged Wookiee is a sight to behold. Falx managed to shoot the Espo
captain’s riot blaster out of his hands. I switched on the loudspeakers and ordered the Espos to drop their weapons or be fired upon just as Daevd swung the turret around to face them. The Espo troopers panicked and dropped their blasters. The Espo captain wasn’t as easily fooled and realized that if we fired the main guns the whole dock might come down on us. He picked up his gun and started spraying the Wookiee with blaster bolts, but the Wookiee still wouldn’t go down.

While all this was going on, Loki managed to convince Jakk to let him slice the spaceport computer to give us clearance to leave since we were still tethered to it with a data cable. I saw the Espo captain go down in a hail of blaster fire as the wounded Wookiee clambered aboard. Everyone else ran up the boarding ramp as the other Espos ran away and I lifted the Wolf up off the ground, snapping the data cable and blasting off. Luckily, Loki told me that he managed to not only get us clearance but to erase any record of the Wolf or any of us having been there.

Next stop: Lianna. In the meantime, we had some time to get to know our new passengers. The alien turned out be a Gungan bounty hunter from Naboo named Jaggin. I hadn’t met one of them before, but he spoke Basic so I got to hear him out. The Wookiee was his partner and owed him one of those Wookiee Life Debts I heard so much about. His name is Rorworr. The human was also a bounty hunter. His name was Solomon and he and Jaggin were on a job that went sour after they’d collected their bounty. They offered to pay for our lost supplies with the bounty money so everything was squared away. I wasn’t planning on bringing that kid Loki with us but he really wants to get off that planet and he’s actually pretty useful.

I don’t know if they’re going to stick with us, but I sense they’re more trustworthy than most folks we’ve been dealing with lately. Maybe one of them knows how to contact the Rebel Alliance…


Captain’s Log 1:9:8 ABY

I got a Holonet call from Shira today. After some pleasantries, she told me she had a job that was right up our alley and that I should go to the IsoTech office at The Wheel space station orbiting Besh Gorgon to meet her brother Reom if I was interested. I told her we’d be there right away.

The Wheel is located in some kind of Imperial-free zone so it had that going for it. When we got there it seemed to be bustling with activity. Over at IsoTech, we met Reom and he told us that they’d recovered a data pod from a legendary lost Separatist ship that disappeared over two decades ago called the Sa Nalaor. The ship’s master was Captain Harsol and had some kind of arrangement with Ropok, Shira and Reom’s deceased father. Reom says the ship might have been carrying valuable cybertech and was believed to have crashed on the planet Cholganna out where the Outer Rim borders on Wild Space, according to the data pod. Reom said Shira would be coming over in about 8 hours to bring over a protocol droid who was familiar with Captain Harsol. The droid’s designation was IT-3PO.

Since we had time to spare, we went our separate ways to explore The Wheel. As I left IsoTech, I barely noticed someone peeking around the corner but when I went for a look I found no one. I went back and mentioned this to Reom and he suspected it might be one of the Yiyar Clan -a gang of notorious Rodian salvagers. I spoke to Reom about something that was bothering me: if the Sa Nalaor was a separatist warship, there could still be some battle droids active aboard and neither my stun carbine nor Jakk’s stun pistol would be effective against them. Luckily, I managed to convince Reom to give us a couple of ion blasters just in case my worries turned out to be true.

I checked out the promenade and after a few hours found what looked like an Alderaanian cafe called Tasia’s Tapcafe. When I went in, I saw they even had a shrine for mourning Alderaan inside. I met an Alderaanian there named Brun Brux and we chatted awhile. When I mentioned his being relatively safe since The Wheel was in an Imperial-free zone of the galaxy, he seemed to disagree and look about suspiciously. He didn’t respond when I asked if he’d like to talk somewhere other than the cafe and instead said we might meet again before moving away. As I left Tasia’s I began to wonder if Brux had a way of contacting the rebels. I should look him up after we’re done with the IsoTech salvage job.

I eventually got back to the dock where the Wolf was at to prepare for the arrival of Shira and the droid. Solomon looked like he’d been in a fight, but he was alive so I guess he won. Jakk and Daevd told me they’d prepped the ship and we were ready to go. When Shira didn’t show up on time and didn’t respond to my hails, I figured she was in trouble and headed back to IsoTech in a hurry with Jakk, Falx, Jaggin, Rorworr and Solomon in tow.

As we exited the docks and got on the promenade, we saw several hired guards lying face down on the floor. Beyond them were a bunch of armed Rodians hauling a protocol droid onto a repulsorlift cargo hauler. We tried to stop them and before you knew it we were in a firefight. As their hauler took off, most of us jumped into another one in front of a shop and sped after them as Jakk and Solomon tried to shoot them. Jaggin turned out to be pretty good with a landspeeder and closed the distance while we exchanged fire with the Yiyar clan and took out some of them. As we jammed up beside them, I saw their leader Yav Yiyar open up with a heavy blaster pistol, hitting Jaggin and wounding him. That sent Rorworr into a rage and he jumped into the other hauler with his force pike, knocking IT-3PO off of it as he did. As Falx started taking out more Rodians with his blaster rifle, I jumped off our hauler and just managed to land safely atop IT-3PO. Meanwhile, Rorworr was tearing into Yav, wounding him grievously. As I picked up the droid, I looked back and saw Rorworr handing Yav’s blaster to Jaggin. I couldn’t tell if Yav was dead, but I could see a spaceport security team headed our way.

We hightailed it back to the Wolf and blasted off in a hurry for the second time in as many days. I immediately went to the Holonet station to contact Reom and ask him about Shira, but when I got there Shira herself was already contacting me. She told me she was alright and that when she got back to IsoTech she found the place ransacked so she decided to stay with Reom to make sure it was secure. She sent IT-3PO with several guards to our dock, confident they’d be able to take care of any problems, but she’d underestimated the Yiyar clan’s tenacity and didn’t think they’d try anything on the promenade with so many witnesses.

Shira was relieved and grateful that we managed to recover the droid, but she warned us to watch out for more interference from the Yiyar clan and possibly others who were after the same thing. She suspected word of the hyperspace pod’s recovery and the possible location of the Sa Nalaor was starting to get around. She reiterated that the mission objectives remain intact: 1) travel to Cholganna and locate the Sa Nalaor; 2) explore the wreck and determine if there are any survivors if possible; 3) report back to her and Reom at Scrapheap Point on the planet Raxus Prime – the IsoTech offices at the Wheel were too compromised and we needed a new rendezvous.

Captain’s Log 1:9:12 ABY

We made the hyperspace jump to Cholganna in near-record time thanks to Daevd’s astrogation skills. While on the trip, we healed up our wounded crewmates and prepared for our little “adventure”. When we got there, we immediately ran into trouble, dropping out of hyperspace in the midst of a roiling nebula that played havoc with our sensors and navigational systems. I jumped into the seat beside Daevd and together we managed to steer the Lone Wolf out of there suffering only minimal damage which Jakk repaired.

We orbited the planet until we eventually picked up traces of technology on the surface. In the meantime, Jakk activated IT-3PO and I confirmed that he did indeed have dealings with Captain Harsol in the past. The droid offered to mediate if we found the captain had survived and was on the planet. Eyetee-Three provided deck plans of the ship and indicated that it likely had 200-odd crew, half of which would have been droids, including several squads of B1 battle droids (the backbone of the Separatist droid army). After confirming the atmosphere and climate were safe, we were able to land the Wolf in a clearing near the area the sensors indicated the foreign technology was. We emerged into a wild world covered in thick foliage and echoing with the sounds of wild animals.

Leaving Rorworr to guard the ship and IT-3PO in the hold, the rest of us made our way to the spot indicated by our sensors. Jaggin led the way and, using his expertise in wilderness exploration and survival, he cut a path for the rest of us with his machete. Eventually, we found what turned out to be an escape pod half submerged in a shallow pond. Moving closer, we noticed the pod’s designation was “34 Besh” and that there seemed to be a nest of insects inside its open hatch.

Jaggin managed to make a small torch and threw it into the escape pod, causing the swarm of insects to rush out in my direction. I managed to evade them but got stung a few times. Luckily, they weren’t poisonous. As we approached the pod to have a look inside, Jaggin, Jakk and Solomon were suddenly attacked by three arborial septopi that had been laying in wait among the branches of the trees overhead. I managed to speed draw my stockless blaster carbine to kill one and wound another and the others shot and hacked the rest of the creatures down, but not before some of them got wounded.

In exchange for our trouble we found the bones of one of the pod’s occupants wearing a tattered space suit and a beat up blaster pistol along the shore. Inside the pod itself we found a “black box” data module and brought it back to the ship to view it. On the recording were three humans and two Neimoidians cursing their luck for being forced to the edge of the galaxy due to “Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme” and “Cratala’s political treachery against the Chancellor”. Unfortunately, we could only guess what Harsol’s scheme was and the name Cratala didn’t ring a bell for any of us. The good news was the module recorded the pod’s flight path so Loki could extrapolate the point at which it separated from the Sa Nalaor.

Taking off in the Wolf once again, we eventually found what looked like a crash site carved out of the wilderness and set down nearby to investigate. When we made our way to the crash site, we discovered the stern of a starship damming up a river and creating a small lake. It seemed big enough to have been part of the Sa Nalaor and, more importantly, we discovered an old makeshift rowboat along the shore. We were able to figure out where the rest of the ship was likely to be, but darkness had fallen so we decided to get back in the ship and stay the night before continuing our search the next day.

Captain’s Log 1:9:13 ABY

We decided to search the rear half of the Sa Nalor at first light. Daevd and Solomon climbed to the top but were met by one of those dangerous Nexu we read about. Solomon rapelled down in such a hurry that he fell the last few meters and the Nexu tried to attack Daevd instead. I couldn’t a shot off since they were too high up, but the others managed to wound it. Daevd wisely made it down to where the rest of us were and I finished the Nexu off as it tried to jump him.

Roworr tried to find another way in through a hole blocked by a rotten tree and ended up releasing a swarm of cat-sized bark rats when it crumbled as he tried to move it. I ended up kicking one because I didn’t want to accidentally blast the Wookie as he fought them off. After he killed most of them, they ran off and I let off a shot to make sure they didn’t come back. For his trouble, Roworr found an old vibroknife which he promptly powered up with one of his spare energy clips.

When we finally got inside, we didn’t find anything of value so we got back to the Wolf and flew over to the next crash site. The second site was more promising because we found what remained of a survivors’ camp as well as a graveyard for those that died. We also saw that it was the part of the Sa Nalaor that contained the bridge.

We left Loki and Jakk to look after the ship and carefully ventured inside. While exploring past the bridge, we found a hatch that led down into the bowels of the ship. Roworr and Jaggin went down first, but before Solomon, Daevd and I could follow we were attacked by Nexu that were lying in wait -one on the deck below against our non-human friends and two up where we were.

We took some significant wounds, though I again managed to remain unscathed, but managed to blast and slash the animals dead before any of us went down. What really got our attention was that all the Nexu had been augmented cybernetically and their claws, teeth or tails had been replaced by deadlier implants.

After treating our group’s wounds, we explored the rest of the crahed ship. We found a huge bay that used to have thousands of battle droids in it and managed to salvage a pair of blaster rifles, though we had to recharge their blaster gas cannisters before they became useful. Jaggin curiously got the discarded head of a B-1 battle drod as a souvenir. We set up for the night. Jaggin, Rorworr and Solomon set up shop in the Sa Nalaor’s wrecked bridge, which gave them a panoramic view of the wilderness around us, while the rest of us spent the night on the Lone Wolf.

Captain’s Log 1:9:14 ABY

Just as we were getting ready to rejoin the others who spent the night on the Sa Nalaor, we heard the roar of sublight engines and saw a YT-2400 light freighter swoop down and land beside our ship. As I had Daevd man one of the twin laser turrets, Yav Yiyar’s voice came on over the comms demanding we surrender and lead him to the Sa Nalaor’s “treasure”.

After exchanging threats, Yav and I agree to meet in person on the ground between our two ships. He stepped out with four of his goons and I had Falx by my side as I walked out to meet them. Suddenly, Daevd started opening fire at the Yiyar clan ship and they returned fire, resulting in both ships taking damage.

As the poo doo hit the fan, I saw Yav Yiyar duck behind cover as Falx and I shot down one of his crew. Before the firefight could intensify, several giant lizards came crashing out of the jungle. They all had boat-shaped howdahs atop them and they were being ridden by no less than Captain Harsol himself, several Aqualish guards and a half dozen battle droids armed with missile launchers.

Harsol demanded we cease firing or he’d fire on all of us and our ships with the missiles and we all took him at his word and stopped shooting. At that point, IT-3PO rushed out and called to Harsol. Harsol recognized the droid and the two had a conversation. Apparently, IT-3, Harsol and Ropok (Shira and Reom’s late father) had some kind of scheme against then Chancellor Palpatine 20 years ago.

Yav tries to convince Harsol that we were greedy scavengers but I told him that it was the Yiyar clan that tried to kidnap IT-3 and the droid backed up my story. Harsol decided that we would all go to his sanctuary in the jungle where we’d be safe from jungle’s many predators and he could decide what to do next.

Using the amphibious river monsters, we go to Harsol’s retreat deep in the jungle. There we found what was left of the Sa Nalaor’s crew eking out a difficult existence. The retreat itself was protected by walls made from salvaged hull sections of the Sa Nalaor and many of the structures within were made of similar materials.

We’re all brought to the settlement’s central hall where we meet Cratala. She was the famous Arkanian cyberneticist Reom once mentioned. They interrogated us and the Yiyar clan regarding our mission and the current events of the galaxy they’d been cut off from for two decades. By then, I’d noticed the discontent among some of the survivors at the settlement. Many opposed Harsol and many others supported him. We tried to convince him that hiding out in Cholganna was no longer the wisest option and as time goes by more and more explorers and treasure-seekers would discover them, but he and Cratala seem to have a deep fear of the Chancellor (now Emperor) at Coruscant. On the bright side, their distrust of the Rodians seems to be deepening and they probably won’t listen to any “advice” from the Yiyars.

Captain’s Log 1:9:15 ABY

We were awakened by a commotion in the middle of the night as we slept in the Retreat and it seemed to be coming from Harsol’s building. We rushed in just in time to see Yav Yiyar strong-arming Harsol in a choke hold and holding a blaster to his head. Yav was demanding Harsol’s footlocker and safe passage out of the Retreat.

Suddenly, Solomon proved his ability as a sniper by blasting Yav Yiyar’s gun arm clean off with a single shot from his blaster rifle. As Yav collapsed in pain, Harsol broke free, grabbed his own pistol and shot the Rodian in the head, killing him. The rest of the Yiyar Clan were then rounded up and put in shackles. Since my more militant crewmates were already armed with rifles, I took Yav Yiyar’s heavy blaster pistol, seeing as he wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

We spend the rest of the day on much better terms with Harsol, Cratala and the Sa Nalaor survivors. Jakk even helped them repair the Retreat’s old generator. We got a tour of Cratala’s cybernetics lab and medical facility and met one of the Sa Nalaor’s Trandoshian technicians named Hyssk.

Late in the afternoon, we’re surprised to hear the roar of starship engines overhead. We looked up to see an Imperial Skywatcher-class starship zoom past, headed towards where the Lone Wolf and the Yiyar freighter Nightflyer were parked near the wreck of the Sa Nalaor.

Several Arak-class probe droids drop out from the Imperial ship and head for us and everyone who sees them opens fire, shooting them down before they could take out any of us with their blasters.

Loki hacks one of the fallen droids and makes it send an all-clear signal to buy us some time. Hyssk manages to get one of the old heavy blaster rifles at the retreat working for Falx and we man the walls along with Harsol and his men. It turned out the defenses of the Retreat were part bluster because none of the missile launchers Harsol had threatened us with earlier had any ammunition.

Within 5 to 10 minutes we hear Imperial speeder bikes screaming towards the Retreat. They stop in front of the gate, 10 scout troopers led by what looked like an Imperial Security Bureau agent. The ISB man introduced himself as Ossman and started trying to convince Harsol and the Sa Nalaor survivors to give themselves up, claiming the Empire was only looking out for their well-being.

I don’t know how the heck he did it, but I see two of Harsol’s grenades fly from his vest and into the scout troopers. Suddenly, we were in a Mad Minute, with blasters going off everywhere all at once. I brought down one scout trooper and the ISB man and three others were mowed down as well. The other five took off on their speeder bikes and we jumped on the five remaining bikes to give chase along with Harsol.

We zoomed through the jungle, dodging trees and throwing up curtains of swamp water as we closed the distance with the fleeing scout troopers. Daevd and I used the speeder bikes’ light repeating blasters to take some out while Falx and Solomon shot others down while riding shotgun. Suddenly a Nexu leapt from one of the trees onto the speeder bike Falx and I were riding, giving me a nasty scratch across my back before falling off. In a bit of strangeness, its tail got snagged on our bike and we ended up dragging it along. Falx got a shot off that missed it but somehow dislodged its tail and it ended up cartwheeling across the water. By then, all the other fleeing scout troopers had been dispatched.

When we got to the clearing, we saw the Imperial ship parked between the Lone Wolf and the Nightflyer. The Imperials seemed to have managed to bypass the Nightflyer’s security system and board the ship since the crew hatch was open. Jakk managed to get the drop on an Imperial technician trying in vain to break Loki’s encryption and got him to surrender. At the same time, Jaggin came zooming in and crashed his speeder bike on the Imperial ship, leaping off just in time to land atop one of its gun turrets.

I unlock the Lone Wolf and rush aboard along with Daevd, Falx, Solomon and Hyssk. The trooper manning the gun turret on the Imperial ship was kept busy trying to knock Jaggin off as the Gungan kept distracting him with blaster fire. The Imperial ship began powering up and so did the Nightflyer. All three ships started taking off almost simultaneously with Daevd and I taking the controls of the Lone Wolf, Falx and Solomon manning the turrets and Hyssk in Engineering.

Daevd and I managed to outmaneuver both ships at once as Falx and Solomon riddled them with lasers and Jaggin kept the Imperial gunner distracted while hanging on for dear life. After our next broadside, the Imperial ship lost power and began going down. Jaggin leapt off in time and into the lake and we knew we needn’t worry about him since he was like a fish in water. I got on the comm and demanded the surrender of the Imperials aboard the Nightflyer and after another broadside from us they complied and set her down.

Captain’s Log 1:9:16 ABY

I finally have a chance to write in this log after the massive mopping up following yesterday’s battle. We claimed the Nightflyer as spoils of war and brought our prisoners to the Sa Nalaor survivors’ Retreat. We then met with Harsol and Cratala and came up with a plan: we’d repair both the Lone Wolf and the Nightflyer, then use the Wolf to ferry the Sa Nalaor survivors to Mon Calamari with Jakk at the helm, Rorworr as First Mate and Harsol to keep his people in line. The planet was already in open rebellion against the Empire so Harsol and his crew should be safe there. Meanwhile, the rest of us and Cratala would head off to meet Reom at the IsoTech branch on Raxus Prime.

After the meeting, Cratala insisted on treating my wound even though I tried to brush her off. While she was treating me, her advanced instruments detected a genetic anomaly and further scans gave me the surprise of my life. It turns out, I’m not human but Mirialan and that my skin pigmentation had been altered to make me look human, probably when I was an infant since I have no recollection of it. Cratala double-checked and confirmed her findings.

Now I’ve got more things to think about after we get everything sorted out, like who my biological parents were. In the meantime, I’ve taken on the Mirialan name Malek and had Cratala restore my original skin pigmentation since I’m on the run from the Empire anyway and an alias would help. Speaking of aliases, I should have Jakk, Loki and Hyssk look into altering the transponders on the Lone Wolf and Nightflyer so they can’t be identified by Imperial scanners.

Captain’s Log 1:9:23 ABY

After almost a week of hard work, the Nightflyer was finally ready to rumble. The Lone Wolf was less damaged so work on it was finished a few days earlier and Jakk, Rorworr and Harsol have been ferrying the Sa Nalaor survivors to Mon Calamari. Meanwhile, Loki has brought Hyssk up to speed regarding the technological advances of the past two decades. The men have gotten used to my new greenish hue and we packed all our booty into the Nightflyer’s hold.

We head off to the galactic scrapyard and Imperial shipyard known as Naxus Prime and Daevd’s astrogation skills gave us a choice spot to enter the system at almost midnight, local time. Unfortunately, the IsoTech landing codes gave us away and the Imperials ordered us to prepare to be boarded. We of course refused and a flight of TIE fighters was sent after us.

With Daevd and I at the controls, we plunged the Nightflyer into the atmosphere and started a merry chase among the mountains and canyons of junk that covered the planet’s surface. One of the TIEs crashed as it tried to stay on our tail as the others closed in. As we flew towards a bridge of junk, Jaggin blasted it and it collapsed right after we flew underneath it, burying another TIE. Jaggin and Solomon shot a couple down and two more crashed trying to stay with us as we barreled through the narrow canyons at full speed.

With the TIE fighters eliminated, we set down at the spot Reom had designated -a place on one of the junk mountains beside a lake of toxic waste called Scrapheap Point. As soon as we landed, IsoTech workers camouflaged our ship with screens made of junk and debris. When we disembarked, they led us to a wrecked Corellian CR90 Corvette where we expected to meet Reom. Instead, we meet a Rodian named Norta who apologized for Reom’s absence and told us our Twi’lek friend had been delayed by unforeseen circumstances at The Wheel. He gave us 2,000 credits to make up for the delay and I noticed he seemed genuinely surprised that we’d actually found survivors from the wreck of the Sa Nalaor.

After taking us for a tour of most of the areas in IsoTech’s secret base inside the junked corvette, Norta suggested we cool our heels while waiting for Reom to show up. Just as well because Raxus Prime seems like a good place for us to sell our unwanted booty and buy stuff with the proceeds.

Captain’s Log 1:9:24 ABY

We spent the night at the IsoTech base, a derelict C90 Corvette called the Blockade Bandit parked in a massive junkyard in Scrapheap Point on Raxus Prime. The next day we sold all the Imperial speeder bikes save one as well as the weapons and armor we’d taken from the slain Yiyar clan members and Imperial scout troopers on Cholganna. We kept some vibroknives and grenades.

Norta then took us to a secret room aboard the Blockade Bandit where we discovered Reom. He’d been wounded on The Wheel and had been recovering here ever since. He gave us the rest of what IsoTech owed us and had a reunion with Captain Harsol who he hadn’t seen since he was a child. He met with Cratala as well and the three of them discussed plans for IsoTech’s future.

We then went on a shopping spree at the IsoTech “emporium”. I got lucky and found a Coronet Arms H-7 Equalizer pistol, the pride of the Corellian small arms industry. The others also bought weapons, gear and attachments. We also added a forward-facing twin heavy laser that could be fired from the cockpit to our new ship, which we renamed the Jolly Roger, and gave the whole thing a new black paint job. We also finally got some Bacta for the Bacta tank we ended up with after escaping from Reltooine.

Some of the others did errands for Norta and when I got back to our ship I learned they nearly ran afoul of an old Imperial probe droid, one of the many dangers of Scrapheap Point.

Captain’s Log 1:9:27 ABY

After 3 days at Scrapheap Point, the Jolly Roger was ready to go and the crew had done their shopping. We were getting ready to depart when we noticed several barges crossing the toxic lake and headed towards the IsoTech compound. There appeared to be Jawas aboard, which made sense considering we were on a junkyard world.

As the first couple of barges reached shore, Norta walked up to meet them. The lead Jawa then threw off his cloak and drew a blaster pistol on Norta, revealing himself to be a Sullustan. Dozens of Rodians then revealed themselves, accompanied by several more Sullustans and a bunch of tough-looking Trandoshians. The Yiyar clan!

Suddenly, we were in a major firefight with blaster bolts crisscrossing everywhere. Jaggin threw a grenade at one group and took some out. I noticed several rush our ship trying to break in retake it for the Yiyar clan and gunned most of them down with my new blaster. Falx mowed down a couple of the Trandoshians with his newly modified heavy blaster rifle but the rest returned fire and he went down. Solomon took out several by sniping from the side.

Daevd got the Jolly Roger airborne and opened up with the new guns on one of the barges still headed for the shore, obliterating it. I sprinted to Falx and stuck him with a bunch of stimpacks until he could get up and fight. Solomon kept taking down Yiyars. As the firefight continued, the IsoTech “employees” joined the fight and it wasn’t long before one of them reported that Imperial TIE fighters and a patrol ship were headed our way in response to the battle.

After gunning down the Sullustan who drew on him, Norta told us they were evacuating and revealed that they could get the Blockade Bandit airborne with our help. Loki, Jakk and Hyssk headed for the Blockade Bandit’s engine room while Falx and Jaggin blasted away the junk that was holding it down and IsoTech personnel worked feverishly to weld compromised sections of the hull.

The rest of us continued battling the Yiyars until Loki, Jakk and Hyssk got the Blockade Bandit’s engines fired up. We then piled into the Jolly Roger and took off to escort the corvette as the Imperials arrived. We cut a swath through the TIE fighters, blasting them out of the sky as the Blockade Bandit followed in our wake. The Imperial patrol ship lined up behind us to open fire, but Loki kept messing with their targeting systems. Just as they finally got a lock on us, we made the jump to lightspeed.


Captain’s Log 2:01:15 ABY

It’s been a couple of months since we escaped from Scrapheap Point. We’ve been doing some small jobs for IsoTech since they moved to their new HQ. Jakk got us together and told us about his sensitivity to The Force and how he’s able to move objects with it. That explains a lot of what’s happened since he joined us.

We finally got a bit of R&R on Tatooine but it didn’t last long because Solomon was contacted by his regular client Jabba Desilijic Tiure, the infamous Hutt crime lord of the planet. He had a job offer for us.

We showed up at Jabba’s just in time to get caught up in a mass brawl amongst his gamorean guards. We managed to extricate ourselves before Jabba’s twi’lek majordomo Bib Fortuna showed up, but not before damaging some of the gamoreans.

At our audience, Jabba said he hadn’t received his monthly income from his oridium mine on Gavos and hadn’t heard from then despite repeated hails. He wanted us to investigate what’s happened, download the mine’s records and bring him his monthly income of 100,000+ credits. Our share was supposed to be 10% of the month’s income.

It sounded like a fair shake so we agreed to check out Gavos.

Captain’s Log 2:01:17 ABY

We get to Jabba’s mine on Gavos but it looks abandoned. The only unusual thing we noticed as we came in for a landing was an old junk heap of a freighter on the other landing pad.

As we explored the mine’s facilities, we found signs of a firefight: human, trandoshan and ugnaught bodies here and there and blaster burns on the walls. We downloaded the security camera footage and it showed the freighter parked outside arriving a few hours before we did.

Suddenly, an automated warning comes on the PA system regarding one of the eight storm barrier generators that kept Gavos’ toxic atmosphere out of the mine failing. We decided to push on faster before the other generators failed. We got to the main office and found a hidden safe containing Jabba’s credits -over 120,000.

Daevd, Falx and Solomon head out in the Jolly Roger to check on the storm barrier generators while Loki stayed in the main office to try and download the mine’s records. The rest of us headed deeper into the facility towards the mine entrance where we found a ragged group of miners and droids led by a burly man named Marv Moray and an EV series supervisor droid named EV-8D3. They claimed pirates had blasted their way into the base and had gone into the mine in search of the oridium.

While this was going on, the Jolly Roger gets to the failed storm barrier generator and finds it’s been destroyed by blaster fire. They head for the next one just in time to spot a droid-driven Storm IV cloud car making an attack run on it. They manage to disable the cloud car before it can take out the generator and recover the damaged droid pilot so Loki can probe its memory later.

The rest of us with the exception of Loki head down the mine tunnel in search of the pirates. A couple of kilometers in we get to a crossroads and checkpoint, but instead of the raiders we find a group of injured ugnaughts and droids behind a barricade. The ugnaughts tell us they were slaves who’d rebelled against EV-8D3’s cruel ministrations, leading to a firefight against EV-8D3 and Marv and his miners. They managed to escape into the mine but feared Marv and EV-8D3 would try to seal them in with explosives. One of them reveals that EV-8D3 was searching for the mine’s money and I suddenly remembered we left it with Loki.

Meanwhile, Loki was in the middle of examining the mine records when he heard someone trying to break through the locked door. A droid voice demands he hand over the money in exchange for his life. Loki refuses and tries to escape through the ventilation system as he hears EV-8D3 shooting the door with a blaster. At the same time, the Jolly Roger lands and Daevd and Falx head into the facility.

Using the mine carts at the crossroads, we head back up to the mine entrance at a fraction of the time it took us to get to the checkpoint in order to confront Marv and EV-8D3 with the ugnaughts’ revelations. We never get a chance to talk it out as Marv and a half dozen obsolete battle droids fire upon us as we arrive. I jump out of the mine cart to flank three of the droids and gun them down, but not before I take a solid hit from one of their blaster rifles. Luckily, I’ve been upgrading my armored clothing over the past months. The rest of the crew take out the remaining battle droids and we manage to capture Marv alive, albeit wounded.

While this was going on, Loki led EV-8D3 on a merry chase through the ventilation system until they get to the huge engineering and storage area where the mining equipment is stored. Daevd and Falx show up and Loki is relieved, but there’s no sign of EV-8D3.

Suddenly the two huge binary lifter droids in the area come to life and start attacking Loki, Daevd and Falx even as I head down the hall to meet them. Falx gets to put the heavy blaster rifle he’s been extensively modifying since we escaped Raxus Prime to good use by melting one of the big droids with a fusillade of automatic blaster fire. Loki and Daevd manage to disable the second one just as I arrive in time to spot EV-8D3 at the lifter droids’ remote control station above us. One shot from my Enforcer pistol and he was out for the count.

In the aftermath, we decided we would give Jabba the full 120,000 credits instead of just the 100,000 he was expecting, but also that we would free the ugnaught slaves and let them get away using the junker freighter on the second landing pad. After bidding the ugnaughts a safe journey we headed for Tattooine with the money and the prisoners while I spent the trip recovering in our now fully functioning bacta tank.

Captain’s Log 2:01:19 ABY

We met Jabba to give him the bad news about how mismanagement at the mine caused an uprising that left it heavily damaged and resulted in the ugnaughts’ “escape”. He was incensed, but the additional 20,000 in profits convinced him to simply deny us our share. Maybe he thinks we’ll be useful to him in the future. I’d avoid working for him again if I had a choice…



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